Success well Done

- Manu Saale, MD & CEO, MBRDI
“The heatmaps of start-ups around the world show a huge buzz in the startup circles here in India. We will take Startup Autobahn India as a starting point and hope to see it flying high. Startup Autobahn India is set to be the perfect platform that gives us an opportunity to bring exciting Startups and their ideas, faster to Daimler from this region of the world and to work on the future of mobility together.”
- Manu Saale, MD & CEO, MBRDI
- Dr. Philipp Gneiting, Manager Open Innovation, Startup Autobahn
“We kicked off Startup Autobahn in Stuttgart in 2016 and since then we have kicked off Startup Autobahn in Beijing, Singapore, South Africa, and an upcoming one in Tuscaloosa. Looking at the high quality of the startups here in India and it is the third biggest startup ecosystem in the world, am really amazed to work together with an excited and the motivated team here in India and to make Startup Autobahn the most successful program here.”
- Dr. Philipp Gneiting, Manager Open Innovation, Startup Autobahn

STARTUP AUTOBAHN, is an innovation platform that moderates in-depth and curated collaboration between potential startups and Daimler. Following its launch in 2016 by Daimler at Stuttgart, Germany, the platform expanded to Singapore the same year, China in 2017, and to India in 2018.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India (MBRDI), Daimler’s largest development center outside of Germany, will manage STARTUP AUTHOBAHN India operations. Our objective is to identify potential start-ups that have the ability to solve our specific business problems through innovative solutions. Twice every year, STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA will hold a ‘Selection Day’ in the run up to a three-month program to create Proof of Concepts, followed by an ‘EXPO Day’.

The Selection Day, organized by MBRDI in association with Incubate Hub, aims to find the top startups in technology areas. The selected startups will get the opportunity to create Proof of Concepts of their innovative tech-enabled solutions to our specific business problems.

The EXPO Day will provide a platform for the selected startups to showcase their Proof of Concepts and to seek an opportunity to collaborate further with MBRDI to develop and scale the solution.

  • Machine Learning
    ML based applications for smart automotive scenarios
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    • Algorithm development based on computer vision that allows a vehicle to take timely and safe decisions for activating/deactivating Automated Driving feature.
    • Intelligent user experience and custom gamification for co-passengers using mood, voice, health & fitness information.
    • Autonomous method planning in part design and production systems (Machine learning based engine that can aid in Part and Method Design using previous carline data).
    • Dynamic leak testing of a car, based on AI/Vision technology, to check water leakage due to vacuum creation, by analyzing the data and compare the areas of leakage with the respective CAD model to generate reports.
    • Solution to monitor user behavior during the design process in CAD/NX, and learn basic usage patterns like design workflows, time spent on features, errors dealt with etc. to later reproduce or test newer scenario version before the release.
    • Solution to predict Vehicle Damage Severity and Certainty in accident situations using AI/AR technologies to estimate the EES value of the damage and predict the damage severity
  • Big data/Analytics
    Advanced analytics for a varied spectrum of Automotive use cases viz. customer needs around mobility, digital production/supply chain, sales strategy, component behavior.
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    • Predictive analytics on customer needs around mobility including parking, remote services, location based services.
    • Self-learning, self-optimizing digital production chain for further improving efficiency in assembly lines.
    • Analysis of sales leads, pre-engagement of customers that enables better decision on sales strategy.
    • Analysis of components behavior over the lifecycle of product to enhance design criteria.
  • AR/VR
    Aftersales and Engineering solutions using AR/VR
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    • Learner-centric, interactive and immersive training solution for Service Technicians to enable both real and virtual vehicles at the Learner’s convenience and in the form of mobile application with AR/VR integration.
    • Provide Vehicle Documentation in electronic format based on Interactive and Enhance AR Core Technology, allowing a visualization of the vehicle parts that were repaired/replaced, giving a view of the service history of the vehicle to the Service Technicians (or owners).
  • FOSS
    Alternative software solutions to achieve the best fit of features with actual usage.
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    • Create specific FOSS software with features matching the real usage of the software in the organization. The FOSS alternatives should also be sustainable in terms of scope expansion and volume scalability for the future. The solution should be compatible with Flexera and Aspera.
    • Create a solution to make predictive license compliance method based on analysis of past usage data (available in Flexera). The outcome will be an input to the decision of future purchase of software contracts.
  • Simulation methods
    Development of a simulation methodology(CFD) to simulate coolant filling and Predict air entrapment locations.
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    • In a vehicle assembly line, after completion of the assembly process, Coolant is filled into the cooling system which is called as “Coolant filling process”.Initially, the entire cooling system and its components are occupied by air. Air vents are provided to carry the entrapped air from the cooling system into the atmosphere. During the coolant filling process, air and water flow together which create bubbles and subject to multi-phase flow regimes. The multi-phase flow passes through complicated and very narrow flow channels inside cooling system components causing some of the air to be trapped inside the system, which creates functional issues.
  • ADAS
    Localization for Autonomous driving with sensors like LIDAR, RADAR, and CAMERA during extreme weather conditions like Snow or Rain.
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    • A technical solution that can deliver localization/vehicle positioning with centimeter-level accuracy in adverse environmental conditions is required. This may be an algorithm,sensor technology, etc. We are looking for partners with ideas, proven concepts relating to the problem statement. We would like to develop a prototype, design and validate a proof of concept for the solution.
Direct entry and participation into Daimler's partner eco-system with ongoing access to Daimler’s transformative business challenges.
A platform to scale on your ideas along with Industry pioneer like Daimler.
A platform to present your ideas and interact with Daimler Executives while having the opportunity to work with Domain experts from Daimler Ecosystem to build on your solutions\ideas.
  • 1.
    A platform to present your ideas and interact with Daimler Executives while having the opportunitySTARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA is the digital ecosystem to solve Daimler’s global business challenges. It empowers innovators & startups/tech companies with ongoing business challenges across multiple sectors. Participants as startups, developers, tech companies, academics and creators globally are invited to participate. You can use any emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud etc to solve the business challenges.
  • 2.
    Are there any pre-requisites for applying?
    You must have a compelling proposal to solve the business problem and willingness to create a Minimum Viable Product and if selected should be willing to work with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA to execute the proposed solution. You can build relevant web or mobile applications in the language and platform and hardware of your choice. You can propose off the shelf solution if it exists. The solution should be a working prototype which addresses the core of the business challenge and you may participate in one or more of the business challenges and build something innovative and unique!
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    How can I apply for the challenge & is there any application fee?
    Teams can apply online here. There are no application fees.
  • 4.
    How do I know my team is shortlisted?
    All shortlisted teams will receive an email communicating their selection for the next round.
  • 5.
    What are the terms and conditions of the program?
    Please connect on the contact email given below for getting the detailed T&C document.
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    When will the list of winner(s) be announced?
    Post the submission of proposals the 1st shortlist will be announced by Oct-mid.
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    How can I reach out to STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA team?
    You can connect with us at – If you have any further queries will request you to join the webinar with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA team weekly on every Wednesday as per the schedule which will be displayed on this website.
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    Does Daimler wish to license the software?
    Yes if the POC is successful then we can discuss the commercial model. Definitely licensing is one option.
  • 9.
    What do selected teams get in return from this program?
    Selected teams get an opportunity to do join an elite list of finalists and do a prototype in the 1st stage & if the prototype is accepted then they may be awarded a commercial contract to do PoC in a brand or geography or domain with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA. If PoC is successful then there is an opportunity to commercially scale the solution to Daimler’s markets. STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA is looking for Deep and emerging tech companies who can help solve challenges in areas of consumer, Go-to-market, organization, innovation & operations.
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    Will STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA reimburse for the travel to Bangalore if we are shortlisted?
    No. You have to arrange your travel. But it will be a great opportunity for you to meet the senior management team & Brand teams of STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA in one location.
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    How big can my team be?
    Team size can vary from one to five members. All members must register and RSVP for the event.
  • 12.
    Can I use external APIs, services and SDKs?
    You are encouraged to use any 3rd party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries, hardware and frameworks as long as they are publicly available on the web.
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    How long would the program run?
    This is an ongoing challenge wherein STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA will share key business challenges for partnering and co-innovating with external community globally. For the given set of challenges, we have started the scouting process and would have the selection day in February 2019 for the shortlisted startups.

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